Limiting social media!

I have 3 social media applications which are instagram, whatsapp, snapchat. Out of these 3 I use Instagram a lot personally and like it way too much. A week before this day I decided to uninstall instagram and snapchat. I did not uninstall whatsapp because of the whole work from home thing and the important updates and notices from college run over whatsapp.

It was a big step for me to uninstall instagram as from the last year I have been maintaining it quite well and posting stuff I like and that is informative. Instagram also helped me connect to all my friends and keep an update about the topics I am interested in like football, politics, journalism, architecture, sketching etc. It provided me with all the knowledge related to these topics mostly on my feed.

It is great to use instagram. there are very rare chance for someone to get bored from it as it is designed that way. It offers something new always even if you kept scrolling for more than an hour. Slowly for me it was becoming an addiction before even me realizing it. My daily active period on the app was about 2 to 3 hours per day on an average, sometimes even more. That mean I spent almost 3 hours a day scrolling through the screen without even thinking whether I asked for it or not or whether I even need that much information.

What happens here is we follow account or pages we are interested in and those accounts/pages provide us with daily dose of information, relevant or not for us to consume. Even if we get bored by this information they will have something new information and content just on one click to push us back to the start of the cycle of scrolling and that click is called refreshing but what is does is makes you more lazy and ignorant.

The app is helpful until we get the information we really want but we also end up consuming other things connected to it which we never intended to search or consume. Just because it appears in front of our eyes and our habit of refreshing the feed makes us enter this interconnected web of information which leave us exactly at one place each time.

While on google or while reading books what we do is we search for information that we really want and then we stop but on the other hand these apps are designed in such a way so that it could bombard us with all unnecessary and necessary information and it becomes very hard to stop when we get what we need.

These apps may also evoke the feelings of jealousy and judging ourselves on the basis of the likes or comments we receive and can also distract us with a lot of ways. Its not instagram to blame, they were designed to be socially interactive and they are pretty good at it.

Its us who do not use it properly or maybe we need to realize when to stop and how much to consume so that it benefits us and not become the reason for our downfall. Use instagram as a tool to express and not to impress the crowd which is not even half real and try to gain something from it rather than consuming everything from it.




learning !

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Rutik Chopda

Rutik Chopda

learning !

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